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At Evangelize Consulting, we specialise in AI-driven digital transformation, offering bespoke solutions that align technology strategies with business objectives for optimised operations and performance.

The Evangelize Performance Framework is designed to scale and adapt to your business. 
It is suitable for all sizes and stages of growth, ensuring long-term applicability and success.

THE Evangelize Performance Framework Explained

Ai-Driven Digital Transformation

Evangelize Consulting is a beacon of expertise for companies striving to optimise operations, unearth new revenue streams, and elevate operational performance.

Customised Solutions

Tailored to Your Unique Business Needs “We offer solutions meticulously crafted for your business model, market position, and specific challenges – ensuring a custom fit for your unique context”

Diverse Business Models

“Drawing from 55 diverse business model patterns, we provide a rich repository of ideas and strategies adaptable to meet your specific needs.”

Enhanced Customer Understanding

Deep Customer Insights for Targeted Strategies
“Employing psychographic profiling enables you to understand customer behaviours and preferences, crafting more targeted and effective sales strategies.”


“Our comprehensive competitor analysis tools offer you a clear understanding of your competitive landscape, helping you capitalise on your unique strengths”.

Performance Measurement

Measure Success with Precision
Description: “Track the impact of your sales strategies with our defined metrics and KPIs, enabling informed, data-driven decisions for continuous improvement.”
Amanda Forbes
Amanda ForbesSenior Director
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"I had the pleasure of working with Evangelize Consulting on a recent technology project, and I can't speak highly enough of their expertise and capabilities. Their team of consultants brought a wealth of knowledge and experience, and their deep understanding of technology trends and best practices was truly impressive.
Robert Seine
Robert SeineCTO Seine Industries
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What impressed me most, however, was their ability to apply that knowledge to our specific business needs. They took the time to understand our unique requirements and goals, and then developed a customised solution that exceeded our expectations.
Anthony Bread
Anthony BreadGlobal Head of Development
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Their team of experts leveraged their deep knowledge of ITIL4, Product Lifecycle Management, and ServiceNow to provide customised solutions that were perfectly aligned with our business objectives.
John Dogherty
John DoghertyCDO Zwish
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Their attention to detail, commitment to excellence, and ability to work collaboratively with our team made the engagement a seamless experience. I highly recommend Evangelize Consulting to any organisation seeking superior technology capabilities and expert consulting services."

A Deep Detailed Engaging Process

With technology adoption insights, we align your technology strategies with the customer segments.

A Strategic Ally on Your Transformation Journey

Evangelize focuses on being a strategic partner, walking alongside businesses on their digital transformation journey and sustained growth

Evangelize Performance Framework

The Right Tools and Processes Enable Evangelize to understand customer behaviours and preferences

A Holistic view should be just that .......Holistic. - Analyse everything with the Evangelize Performance Framework

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