The Time To Change Is Now


The Time To Change Is Now

This Year 2020

Covid 19 has been a nightmare for many companies, if not all companies in one form or another. Obviously, a few have prospered but many have not performed at all and have struggled in the current financial climate.

But Here is the thing

When has there ever been a better time to change how your company operates and culturally behaves than now? Every single person on the planet probably expects next year to be different from this one, not just because of the creation of a Covid vaccine, but because you would have to be very limited in your outlook to not think that next year will be different, and just from how reduced most people’s expectations for next year are going to be.

What do I mean by that?

Well, when you call your bank or a shop or any organisation providing a service at the moment, you invariably get a message saying that due to Covid restrictions your call may take longer than usual to be answered etc etc … You’re expecting that message and even though you might not accept it as being completely true, you know that there is probably some semblance of truth in the statement. Our bar for service has been lowered… and we are reluctantly accepting it on a daily basis.This amounts to a “get out of Jail free card” for implementing changes that might impact end user/client perception. Make a change and see how it’s received by your clients because they are already instantly giving your company the benefit of the doubt in the struggle to regain some sort of service delivery normality in these trying times.

Remember that a perfectly designed process that no one follows produces no improvement in performance….

A perfectly designed technology that no one uses creates no additional value to the organisation, because no one uses it.Change management enables employees to adopt a change so that business objectives are realised, and it is the bridge between solutions and results whilst being fundamental in the delivery of successful outcomes.Having a free run at multiple change initiatives with employee buy in and feedback from being acceptant of the changes being made is a very valuable thing indeed.Being able to hurdle the first two or three stages of fear, acceptance, engagement to any change being put forward by senior management will diminish not only the time taken to adopt that change but also the cost of implementing that change.If I had a pound for all of the projects that I have been involved with where project managers have said to me that the end date has slipped because a key end user/client has delayed things whilst they align their teams to receive the aforementioned deployment, I would be a rich man.Generally, we are all going to be more acceptant of change in 2021 because we have been indoctrinated by the press and social media throughout 2020 that how things are today will be close to be the new normal and subsequently less pushback from those impacted.Working from home three days a week or more was not seen (certainly in the UK) as something that was acceptable over the past 5 years. One day a week, perhaps two at a push…but no more than that. Now in 2021 I think we are going to see a considerable shift in acceptance of such working practices as long as output does not suffer at its expense.Another key factor in driving change in 2021 has to be connected to compliance. Working from home as previously mentioned will change compliance laws and new controls will come into force to tighten how and what we do in isolation.Clear desk policies could be a thing of the past because where I live that’s called hiring a cleaner. Printing may be turned off for anyone working remotely, so hard copies of documents and information cannot become misplaced, email maybe throttled to ensure guidelines are adhered to.Whatever happens if you want to work from home then these changes have to be accepted, and our current mindsets have had 9 months of indoctrination to accept this level of change in our working and more importantly personal lives.

How long will this window of opportunity last?

What’s next for your business?

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